Aanesland Limtre

Blakkisrud bridge

Aanesland Limtre has supplied glued laminated timber for 4 spectacular timber bridges spanning the E6 between Dal and Boksrud. On the 100 km road project, priority has been given to building an attractive highway with innovative technology and a distinctive design. This road therefore stands out from other communications projects in Norway and abroad, and the prioritisation of aesthetics has created a project that can be compared to National Tourist Routes.

The timber bridges have been designed by the architect firm Løvseth+Partners and project planning has been ongoing for six years. The starting point for the design of the special timber bridges has been to create visual stimulants. Drivers will thus have a visual experience that will increase their alertness and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration believes that the number of accidents will be reduced. This is based on experience from similar projects from the USA and Denmark. This type of visual stimulant every three minutes is considered to be the optimal interval. With this background, the aim was to construct bridges that were distinctive, with a distance of 5km between them. The bridges also function as a platform for product development for an innovative use of timber, in which the architect’s visual ambitions have led to construction challenges beyond the norm for the project’s engineers.

The most spectacular of the bridges, Statsrådveien Bridge, is built as two constructions that support each other at a single point in the centre, which creates an intentional dramatic expression. The architecture is thus a consequence of interpretation and construction types and to a lesser degree design merely for design’s sake.

The bridges have been installed by our cooperating partners Kruse Smith AS.