Future is made of glulam

Build environmentally-friendly constructions – build with glued laminated timber! Glued laminated timber is manufactured from a sustainable raw material – wood – and it does not have a negative impact on the environment at any point in its lifecycle. It can be re-used, reclaimed or used for energy production.

Glued laminated timber (also known as Glulam) is made using layers of timber that are glued together under closely monitored conditions. Glued laminated timber has many unique qualities as a construction material. In addition to having a special aesthetic and architectural characteristic, glued laminated timber is extremely strong in relation to its weight, which in turn allows for large spans and exciting architectural application.

Glued laminated timber has good heat insulation qualities, which reduces the effect of thermal bridges and the risk of condensation. The material has a high fire resistance and good durability in chemically aggressive environments.

Engineering timber

Our high-quality load-bearing constructions of glued laminated timber offer flexible possibilities for a wide range of designs, architectural styles and buildings. We supply Glulam constructions to buildings such as:

• Production and storage halls
• Sports halls
• Public and private buildings
• Stage roofs

Cross laminated timber

The need for rational and environmentally efficient construction solutions, has led to the development of new building systems. One of these is the construction of cross laminated timber (CLT). Today the construction with CLT is a recognized building method used in residential, multi-storey houses, commercial buildings, schools and kindergartens. Experience shows that CLT as a building method and system solution, is competitive in many areas.

Our CLT/X-Lam panels can be delivered up to 17.8 meters length and 3.5 meters with. The thickness varies from 50 mm to 400 mm.

Read more about our CLT/X-Lam system here.

Standard halls

With these halls it is not about buildings with fixed standard dimensions, but about freely variable system halls.

In order to make the construction with variable dimensions economically optimal, the connections within the construction and connection to the foundation have been standardized. These details are based on many years of experience in the areas of static, fabrication, assembly and joinery, and makes our standard hall system very competitive.

Glulam bridges

In cooperation with Kruse Smith we can offer full-range supplies of smaller and larger bridges. In recent years, Kruse Smith has built a large number of timber bridges. Timber bridges have a wide area of application and can be dimensioned for most objectives.

Apart from traditional vehicle bridges, other projects include:
• Walkways and cycleways across roads, railways, rivers etc.
• Walkways between larger buildings
• Bridge solutions for private roads and forest roads

In many cases, timber bridges can be a good alternative to traditional concrete bridges.
• Rapid and effective assembly, which in turn means low construction costs
• Strong and light material that is not damaged by repeated frost/thaw cycles
• Flexible design that can readily be adapted to the surrounding environment
• Low maintenance costs
• Environmentally-friendly material
• Timber bridges can be a good alternative in maritime and aggressive environments.

ROUND Columns

We carry out machining and reworking of glued laminated timber, and the production of round timber poles is one of our specialities. We can produce round Glulam poles of varying dimensions, up to 30 m in length and 70 cm in diameter. Many spectacular buildings are built using glued laminated timber machined by us.

Lightning poles

Our lighting masts are distributed by www.norpole.no and impart the area in which they stand a special aesthetic and architectural character. At night-time the light atop the mast provides security and in the daytime the mast and light fittings are an item of street furniture.


We deliver all over the country and have extensive experience of transporting long lengths and loads. We ensure that the Glulam product arrives at the construction site at the right time.